About our Products

A well executed BAS project starts with a properly designed set of control drawings.

Within that design, are the shapes that are used by the engineering team when constructing the control drawings. After going into business, we found one way to set ourselves apart is by creating lifelike and scalable controller shapes. We have received feedback that our shapes are visually more pleasing as compared to the shapes provided by the various OEM manufacturers. The benefit of this was a cleaner and more professional look to the drawings, as well as a streamlined and error free electrical installation. Due to this feedback, we decided to open a web store to make these shapes available to other members of the BAS community.

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Please note that all our products are digital files only and will not be distributed as physical products. When purchasing any of our products, you understand and agree that you will receive a digital file in a downloadable format. No physical item or tangible product will be shipped or delivered to you.

    Automation Design Concepts aims to provide a quality, on-time, engineered solution to your company’s most difficult automation challenges.


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