We have done work in many commercial and industrial settings including; Senior Care Facilities, Pharmaceutical Labs, Warehouses, Educational Institutions, Manufacturing Facilities, Data Centers, Multi-Purpose Housing, and Health Care Facilities.

Our Portfolio

Fragrances Manufacturing Facility expansion in Somerset, New Jersey

This job consisted of an extensive gas monitoring system, make-up air units, exhaust fans, and a foam suppression system. The explosion proof sensors were installed in a manufacturing setting to monitor and alarm based on high Lower Explosion Limit (LEL) levels and/or low Oxygen (O2) levels. The gas monitoring system is interlocked with the facilities make up air units, exhaust fans, and additional outside air dampers for the purposes of an emergency purge sequence. Upon a further increase in gas levels, the BAS is interlocked with the foam suppression system and the facility emergency notification system.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility expansion in Lakewood, New Jersey

This job required very specific and tight tolerances related to clean room HVAC control. These manufacturing spaces need to be controlled to a specific temperature, humidity and pressure to ensure optimal conditions for the manufacturing/testing of the facilities’ pharmaceutical products. The BAS was designed to control the HVAC and process chilled water systems, both with redundant control. The facilities air handling units, steam system, exhaust fans, and lab differential pressure panels were also part of this project’s scope. A validated network was designed for monitoring the labs for regulatory requirements.

Flavors and Fragrances Testing Lab in Plainsboro, New Jersey

The primary aspect of this job was active pressure control for several labs. With so much airflow being taken from the labs via fume hoods, point exhaust valves, and general exhaust valves, maintaining designed room offsets is key. We designed a system that utilized Accuspec Air Valves combined with the facility’s Honeywell BAS to ensure proper airflow to the spaces, while giving maximum flexibility and capability to the BAS. It’s addition to the Lab airflow system, the BAS was rather extensive and included control of the chilled water system, hot water system, heat recovery loop, air handlers, and lab exhaust fans.

Eleven Story 187-unit condominium in Weehawken, New Jersey

This was a very large job that consisted of a parking garage gas monitoring system, VRF system, RTU integration, hot water system, stair pressurization system, stand-alone ac units, VAVs, exhaust fans, as well as integrating many other OEM controlled pieces of equipment into the BAS. This job incorporated many aspects of BAS control in a very large facility. A lot of consideration was given to determine the best way to lay out the system throughout 13 stories to reduce installation costs and provide an efficient BAS.

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